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Minori is a tattoo artist living in Bellingham, WA since 2018. Her early life is deeply rooted in Utsunomiya, Japan where she was raised as a child. In Japan, she developed her love of art through painting, drawing and using pastels.

In her creative life she’s expressed herself through printmaking, b/w photography, figure sculpture, clay animation, graphic design, poetry, watercolor and acrylic painting.

In that time her themes of tattoos have evolved into strong narratives of the feminine body, mind and presence, Japanese motifs, floral, visual poetry and flash inspired by the expressionist/abstract painters. She also loves colorful work, old fables, romantic, meaningful or decorative work, contour line sketches, dreamy shapes etc. The list is endless.

As time goes on, tattooing has grown deeper in her heart, as it is such a sacred and ritualistic trade. She underwent an apprenticeship in 2014, and has been working as an artist ever since. In December 2021, long time co-workers/friends Kamile Jordan and Minori open up their own shop In the arts district of downtown Bellingham. 

So, whether it’s her pre-made flash designs, or a custom piece she’s an artist that loves to translate an idea, feeling or inspiration into a beautiful work of art.


2012 - 2013



Portland Community College







The Love Show, Portland Oregon

The Love Show, Portland, Oregon

PCC rock creek student exhibition 

PCC collection, Portland, Oregon

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